The best way to have a peaceful end of life is to prepare for it

We plan to make Aura very easy and intuitive to set up and use. Just register on the platform, set up your profile, then add people you’d like to be connected to.

Choose whether you want to start by detailing your practical information, your end of life wishes, write your life story, or send goodbye messages. You can dip in and out of any of these features which are all highly configurable and bespoke to you.

Life Story

Never be forgotten

How do you want to be remembered? Write your life story and leave a legacy to inspire loved ones on how to live their own life.

When someone passes away, unfortunately it is all too common that many of the memories of their life are gone forever.

Aura’s Life Story feature allows you to curate and highlight moments of your life to be shared and passed on to family and friends after you have gone so that those memories can live forever. Add images, text and videos to tell your story. Invite friends and family to contribute their shared memories of your life.



Leave heartfelt messages

Let your family know how much you love them by sending and exchanging personal messages.

Say everything you need to say before, when and after you die with Aura’s Messaging feature. It also works the other way; one of the biggest life regrets people have is that they didn’t tell someone how much they meant to them before that person died.

Aura’s Messaging feature facilitates 2-way conversation with your friends and family before you die to share heartfelt messages. Prepare the things you’d like to say to your loved ones after you have gone by having messages set up to be sent out in the future with the scheduling functionality.

Practical Information

Help your loved ones

Leave details of your wishes and practical information to be passed on. The security of your personal data is our highest priority.

Do your family know where your Will, Funeral Wishes, Contracts and other important information are kept? All too often the information for these items are stored away in a cabinet somewhere with your family unaware of where these are if something should happen to you. In some cases these may not have even been created and stored away at all.

Aura’s Practical Information feature allows you to reduce the stress on your family when you die by walking you through all the important information you should have prepared, as well as being an incredibly safe and secure place to store these items digitally.


Family & Friends are fully involved

Your ‘connected’ people are grouped into Trusted Contacts, which is usually your next of kin, Family, which is your immediate family or maybe extremely close friends, and Friends, which is a wider group of people.

Depending on what level of connection someone is to your page, each group can see different aspects of your profile. For example, Trusted Contacts can see everything on your Aura profile except private messages, Family can see most information but maybe not some sensitive information such as your Will and Friends can see some information on your profile which you share more broadly including your Life Story.

On most parts of Aura, you decide which groups can see what section. For example, you may want your funeral wishes just to be seem by your family, whereas your charity wishes, you may want to share with your friends.

Aura’s Security Features



Every page and part of the Aura platform uses SSL encryption. SSL allows authenticated and encrypted connections between computers meaning all data transferred between those devices remains private.



Aura uses Amazon Web Services S3. AWS S3 is the gold standard in secure data storage and Amazon is the leading data centre operator in the world.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

The Aura platform has been built with GDPR at the forefront of our minds. You are in charge of your data and we have made sure the way Aura handles your data is GDPR compliant from the outset.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

All data uploaded to the Aura platform is encrypted using several stages of encryption. This means your data is protected and safe when stored.