Celebrate Life, Manage Death

The simple online solution to manage your end of life

The full launch of the Aura platform will be later this year

Manage End of Life Practicalities

Help your loved ones by passing on practical information on what happens when the time comes. Personal data security is our highest priority.

Leave a Legacy That You Control

Collaborate with those you’ve made memories with to build your life story. Control your tangible legacy and how you want to be remembered.

Feel Emotionally Prepared

Open up a dialogue around death with loved ones and feel liberated. Never leave anything unsaid - before and after you die.

Who we’re working with

Who is Aura for?

Aura has been designed to help you prepare your memories, important information and connect with loved ones before you die

Friends and Family

Aura is a collaborative platform and friends and family can contribute towards someone's Aura

Aura’s Security Features

Your privacy and security is our highest priority. Aura has a number of state of the art security features to make sure your information is safe with us.


Every page and part of the Aura platform uses SSL encryption. SSL allows authenticated and encrypted connections between computers meaning all data transferred between those devices remains private.


Aura uses Amazon Web Services S3. AWS S3 is the gold standard in secure data storage and Amazon is the leading data centre operator in the world.

GDPR Compliant

The Aura platform has been built with GDPR at the forefront of our minds. You are in charge of your data and we have made sure the way Aura handles your data is GDPR compliant from the outset.

Data Encryption

All data uploaded to the Aura platform is encrypted using several stages of encryption. This means your data is protected and safe when stored.